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Cars can develop drivability issues due to several reasons. While transmission and clutch issues are common, there may be simpler problems causing concerns in your vehicle. One such issue is fluid retention. This is where a transmission reseal usually solves the problem without taking apart or rebuilding the entire system. At Woodbridge Transmission, we can inspect your vehicle for fluid retention issues and perform a reseal to get it back in working order. 

We serve Woodbridge and the surrounding area's clients and offer comprehensive solutions to improve your car's drivability. If you need assistance in diagnosing and fixing your vehicle’s problem, give us a call.


Our experienced technicians carefully perform repairs and rebuilds on a variety of vehicles. The reseal service for a car’s transmission includes: 

Removal of your vehicle's transmission and disassembly of the unit to perform the service
Replacement of all external seals and select components to correct the fluid retention problem
Reinstallation of the transmission with fresh, clean fluid refilled to the full level
Any external adjustments that may be required to properly complete the process
A thorough road test of your vehicle to ensure that things are running properly


We can help you get your vehicle driving smoothly with our services.

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