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At Woodbridge Transmission, we focus on providing our clients with high service standards. We have been at our facility in Woodbridge for almost 50 years and can help with any concerns you may have with your vehicle’s transmission systems. From transmission repairs and reseals to clutch maintenance, we offer comprehensive services to keep your automobile functioning properly. Read our client reviews and see what people say about our services. 


“After going to several shops I was referred to Peter at Woodbridge transmission for what I thought was going to be a massive $2000 job on my rear axel on a f150. The truck was bearly drivable. Within minutes he told me exactly what all the other shops had told me which took hours to diagnose, he could’ve taken me for the massive job but instead being the honest mechanic that he is he gave me a repair which saved me from going through a whole rebuild in the rear differential which everybody else suggested and I’ve been driving with what feels like a perfect rebuilt rear axle! That’s the difference between $2000 and $75. How much more of an honest mechanic can you ask for? He definitely has my repeat business and any business I can send his way ! Another thing all his bays were full and he wouldn’t even let me leave without pulling a car off the hoist and putting mine up there so he can perform this task to see me out safely. I thank you Peter so much for your time your honesty and your professionalism anything I need in the future I’ll see you again.”

- Aldo


“Peter and his team knows what to do. If I needed to get a transmission maintenance job, Woodbridge Transmission would be my first choice regardless.”

- Yasin G.


“My wife and I were very pleased with the work we had done at Woodbridge Transmission. Peter and Joe were very conscientious in the great service that they provided. Their quality of work was first rate and we were very satisfied. We brought our car all the way from Pickering and we were happy that we decided to go to them even though there were other transmission shops that were much closer to us. Thank you so much Peter and Joe.”

- Robert L.


“These guys are great. I came in thinking I had a transmission problem, but the shop clearly diagnosed that it was a engine type problem. Clear example of a garage that does business based on quality recommendation rather than giving false hopes. Anytime I need anything transmission, I would recommend this place as the first stop. Thanks Peter for the fastest service ever and value your time.”

- Arjun


“Great service and very honest. Very easy to deal with no problems. I run an mechanic shop in Toronto and was recommended to 27 transmission by friend who deals with them. I will not touch a transmission. Its not my thing. Leave it to the experts at 27 transmission. I'm so glade and happy to find a great group in my field of work that i could work with. Thank you guys! Mike at Thunderbolt Motors inc.”

- Michele D.


“Great service and great work. Took my truck in for some work. Peter took care of us handling all the warranty paper work and doing his best to get things done quickly. I just want to thank Woodbridge Transmission for all their help. I will definately use them again.”

- Teejae M.


“Most courteous and prompt service at a very reasonable price. Rare experience for my old Mercedes.”

- Bart P.


“Peter is a professional. We had 3 options on which mechanic to chose, but went with Woodbridge Transmissions because they have been around for the last 30 years. My dad used to go to them when he drove a Taxi and they have always been the go to place, not just because of the price being VERY reasonable but also because they are quick and know exactly what to do, my car was fixed within a few hours.”

- Kevin S.

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