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A faulty transmission system can increase the wear and tear of a vehicle and lead to an extremely uncomfortable driving experience. Turn to Woodbridge Transmission for effective transmission repairs and replacements. We have decades of experience working on all vehicles, including automatic transmission, manual transmission, import, fleet services, trucks, front-wheel drives, four-wheel drives and SUVs. Clients in Woodbridge and surrounding areas are welcome to visit our facility for any concerns regarding their vehicle’s drivability. 

We offer computerized inspections and thorough checks to ensure a quality repair or replacement job. Our services cover issues faced with clutches, differentials, flywheels and other problematic areas. Give us a call if you need any repair work done on your vehicle’s transmission system today.


Since no manual gear shifting is involved, most people prefer driving automatic transmissions because of the ease of use. However, there can still be some wear and tear due to constant use. Some of the issues to look out for include: 

Gear shifting problems
Strange noises
Gear grinding issues
Leaking or cloudy fluid
Burning smells

If you face any of these issues, it may be time to bring your car in for a proper inspection. 


Regardless of whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, your vehicle will need regular maintenance and repairs. In some cases, a complete replacement can be more cost-effective than trying to repair a damaged unit. Trust the experienced mechanics at Woodbridge Transmission to properly diagnose and rectify any problems found in your transmission system. We can get your automobile back on the road driving smoothly while preventing further unwarranted damage through our services.


We offer thorough solutions if you require a new clutch pedal for your manual transmission vehicle.

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